About Me

I’m a UX/UI Designer and Front End Developer who started designing and developing different types of websites. Going forward, I started adding more skills to my arsenal, such as Javascript and other Front End Development languages. I also started to create more functional designs when developing websites, and that’s when I unknowingly started using UX as a base for my designs. When I finally knew what I was doing, I fell in love with the UX process and started applying it to all my projects. Some only use what I call practical UX, which is less detailed versión of the traditional UX process, but still significant.

While still in the university, I had the opportunity to get Freelance jobs working on different projects that helped me position myself better for job opportunities when I finally graduated and started looking for work. I kept working freelance a few months after graduating, but I was also looking around to see what jobs were available. After a while, I found a position at W@W, where I currently work. They had started a Digital Agency and needed someone to be in charge of developing the web design department. Nowadays, the department includes UX & UI Design and Front End Development for websites, landing pages, web apps, and mobile apps, among other services..