Stamps and vouchers

Colecturia Digital is an app that functions as a digital portal for buying government-required stamps and vouchers. It simplifies the process and eliminates the need for physical visits to government offices. What they needed The client had already established a B2B web platform to facilitate the purchase of vouchers and stamps by professionals. However, they […]

Project Care3

Okie Dokie is a platform designed to connect caregivers with individuals in need of care services for children, seniors, and pets in a faster and more convenient manner. What they needed Okie Dokie required a two-sided mobile application. One side allowed caregivers to set up their services and availability, while the other side enabled individuals […]

AMSI – Proposal Management System

AMSI is a non-profit organization that provides employment and training services to youth, adults, displaced persons, veterans, and social security disability beneficiaries. What they needed The client wanted to transform their traditional method of receiving and evaluating proposals into a digital web application. They also aimed to simplify the proposal submission process for providers, allowing […]

Project Education2.0

Redefining student learning experience, with one press, swipe, or click. Goals: Motivate – Organize – Develop – Connection/integration – Rewards (Gamification) Research & Audience This phase, differently to others, will be an ongoing process because it will integrate students, professors, and faculty in the development process. Ideation Process The ideation process was developed around the […]

PRC Check In

For this project, my task was to create a simple mobile app for the IT technicians to check in when visiting clients. The features needed were pre-defined by the CRM that would receive the data. Wireframe Mockup

Website Design Mockups

When creating websites, my process varies depending on the customer’s budget. If a specific framework is being used, the design is created around the functionality of does component or framework. When presenting a design, the main website templates are created and a mobile versión. Research & Discovery My first step for creating a website includes […]

Workshops turned digital

While working as a freelancer, I had the opportunity to help a motivational speaker conceptualize and implement the hybrid digitalization of workshops. Trasnformia This workshop included many abstract concepts included in a platform where the workshop participant could discuss their point of view on each specific concept.